Now what?

The COVID-19 pandemic caused an impact that was felt globally. It almost stopped the world. Eveyone is made to stay at home. For many, that is asking too much. It made them mentally and emotionally unstable. I guess for me, since I am working from home on my current job, the impact of the lockdown is really not that much of a struggle. However, for someone that loves to travel, I am already at my limit. I am bored. And nothing seems to pique my interest anymore – not gaming, reading, watching – nothing…

So I decided to try other things that might trigger something in me. Anything…

I’m not a fan of cooking but still I started learning new recipes for my keto diet. I’ve already lost more than 10 kg since I started this February. And this keeps me motivated to push through.

I started learning Nihongo. My motivation? So that when I come back to Japan, I can communicate with the locals with ease. And of course, to watch my favorite anime without subs or dubs 🙂

I’m a lazy person. I prefer to sit and watch or play games. But during lockdown, I had no choice but to move to keep me “physically fit”. I’ve sweated more this year than the past 5 years! LOL.

And finally, I decided to start a blog. To sort of become my online diary to keep track of my adventures. The world is a wonderfully weird place and it’s so exciting to share it as I saw it!

So join me as I embark on a journey discovering different cultures, places, and food via traveling and reading. Get tips on where to go and what to eat during your travels. Experience the fun of living through this blog!

See you soon.


Aisha ❤️