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If Tomorrow Comes

“I will survive, Tracy thought. I face mine enemies naked, and my courage is my shield.”

Sidney Sheldon

This is the very first novel that I’ve ever read. And the way that Sidney Sheldon told Tracy Whitney’s story got me hooked. I read this novel for 5 hours straight! This is where my love of reading started.

What I love about “If Tomorrow Comes” is how the author penned the main character, Tracy Whitney. Sydney could have made her a dumb, helpless woman who had to lean on her male counterparts for support and strength. But instead, he portrayed her as a smart, resourceful, and intelligent woman who relies on her intuition and primarily her own guts. He made her character with an utmost finesse that it’s impossible for the readers not to relate to her mindset throughout the story. She is not made to feel like the character who doesn’t have much role to play in the plot or whose idiosyncrasies are shaped by the male interactions around her.

The plot twists, the sequence, the way she escapes every single obstacle, the way she thinks and plans her way out were so original, exciting, and unpredictable that I fell in love with Tracy! The settings and the background of each character were beautifully designed and crafted with intricacy. Nothing was out of place.

I was glad that the romantic encounters between Tracy and Jeff were not “cheesy” and forced. The silly, casual, cheeky give and take between Tracy and Jeff on numerous occasions is sure to have stirred up a laugh or two among the readers.

The story is written without gender bias, and there are no unnecessary characters or dialogues to disturb the general tone and flow of the plot. The writing is fast-paced with numerous twists and turns to make the readers curious to the core. The climax has kept enough room for a sequel leaving the readers wanting for more.

The author crafted every heist’s implementation with a sense of logic, leaving no room for luck or chance occurrences. There was clarity in its execution, not leaving any loopholes to mislead the readers. Though some of the heists are tired and/or farfetched.

Personally, I was excited to read about a strong female character who was not made to feel inferior to highlight the bravery and persona of the male characters. The transformation of an innocent lady to a witty, smart, strong, and independent woman was totally convincing and brilliant! It couldn’t have been any better! A great book for first-time readers!

Rating: ⭐⭐


Aisha ❤️


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