5 Things I always take with me on a trip

Holidays are now over. Some of us just stayed at home while many went on a trip.

Here are the things that I pack for any trip…

Hoodie/Sweatshirt/Parka. I get cold easily. And so, I always bring either one of these with me when traveling. I usually bring the foldable ones because I also like packing light 🙂

I really like this baby pink hoodie from Gap. One of my favorites!

A good book. One of life’s pleasures is getting lost in a book during a vacation! I prefer reading, especially during plane rides to pass the time. Right now I’m reading John Grisham’s Judge’s List. A very interesting story.

(update: I finished reading it and here is my review.)

A pen. I hate forms. And then imagine being at the airport and needing to fill up departure forms without any pens! A real tragedy, I tell you. So I never leave without at least 2 pens in my purse.

Super love Sakura Micron pens!

Water bottle. As most Asian moms would say, “Drink more water.” 🙂 Stay hydrated.

My current drinking bottle.

Little Black Dress. Coz every girl needs one :). My go-to all-around dress made for all occasions!

This LBD from H&M is absolutely divine!

What do you pack for trips? Keen to know.


Aisha ❤️


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