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    5 Things I always take with me on a trip

    Holidays are now over. Some of us just stayed at home while many went on a trip. Here are the things that I pack for any trip… Hoodie/Sweatshirt/Parka. I get cold easily. And so, I always bring either one of these with me when traveling. I usually bring the foldable ones because I also like packing light 🙂 A good book. One of life’s pleasures is getting lost in a book during a vacation! I prefer reading, especially during plane rides to pass the time. Right now I’m reading John Grisham’s Judge’s List. A very interesting story. (update: I finished reading it and here is my review.) A pen. I…

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    Merry Christmas!!!

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Andy Williams Another Christmas holiday has passed where most of us just stayed at home to celebrate because of the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic (still…). This is the 2nd year where me and my family didn’t go anywhere for the holidays. This is getting lame… And this is my first time celebrating while on a Keto diet. It’s a good thing that Keto supplies, food, and recipes are so abundant now. Not like before. So planning our Christmas dinner is a breeze! Enjoy your holidays!!! Cheers! Aisha ❤️

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    Now what?

    The COVID-19 pandemic caused an impact that was felt globally. It almost stopped the world. Eveyone is made to stay at home. For many, that is asking too much. It made them mentally and emotionally unstable. I guess for me, since I am working from home on my current job, the impact of the lockdown is really not that much of a struggle. However, for someone that loves to travel, I am already at my limit. I am bored. And nothing seems to pique my interest anymore – not gaming, reading, watching – nothing… So I decided to try other things that might trigger something in me. Anything… I’m not…